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Related article: Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 23:07:47 -0400 (EDT) From: Kendall Subject: After World's End, Part 3This is a work of erotic fiction, and is not intended for reading by anyone under the age of 18. All characters and events portrayed in this story are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental. Do not read further if you are under 18 or if Lolita Kds pornography is illegal in the area in which you live.Comments may be sent to -- No flames please, I shouldn't have to deal with that after posting here. More to come -- I just don't know when.After World's End, Part 3By and copyright Kendall Hart, 2007(gg, ggg, ggggg, Mg, Mgg, inc, ped, cons, d/s)The relief I felt at Sara, Jenny and Katie being willing to come with me to Central Point, Idaho, to see if my sister had survived the plague as I had (and as these three sexy little sisters had) was monstrous, and it overwhelmed me for a moment. When I could speak, I thanked the girls, and Sara answered for all of them."Of course we're going with you," she said. "We love you, and we love fucking you and sucking your dick and we want to be with you forever.""Thank you," I said. "All of you. And I love fucking you and eating you and having you suck my cock, and watching you eat each other, and I never want to stop. So we're even."There's a lot to be done - and while you may not like it, I think you girls should stay Lolita Kds here and let me do it - I can take care of myself alone better than I can take care of myself and three beautiful girls who don't have my training."They didn't like it, but they accepted it. It took five days to get everything ready, and it would have been longer, if not for me being in the National Guard and Lolita Kds knowing where to find things I'd never have known to look for, otherwise.The first day, I rode my bike to the National Guard Armory I'd taken the keys to and grabbed a small armored personnel carrier, which I loaded with the weapons, ammo and grenades that I'd taken from the armory to my hiding place in Lolita Kds the basement of the high school where I'd taught. That didn't take long - only one rack of six M-16s, a dozen spare nine millimeter pistols, about five thousand rounds of ammo for each, twenty magazines for each, six crates of fragmentation grenades, four each of tear gas and stun grenades and two cases of white phosphorous grenades. Lolita Kds (I believe in being overstocked, whenever possible.) Almost as an afterthought, I grabbed my clothes, too, and a buttload of MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat). After getting those to the Gibson house and impressing on the girls how very serious I was about "do NOT touch this stuff!" on the weapons (and adding a couple of stun grenades and a couple of frags to what I carried - driving a vehicle would call more attention than riding a bike, and I wanted to be ready), I made lunch.After lunch, before they'd let me go back out, I fucked Jenny while she ate Katie and Sara sat on Katie's face, then fucked Katie while Jenny sat on her face and Sara masturbated. When I left for the afternoon, Sara was eating my come out of Katie's pussy while Jenny ate Sara.The afternoon was a little more interesting. I had a list of each girl's sizes, and I hit a shopping mall. I gathered all the practical clothes in their sizes I could cram in the SUV I'd taken from their garage. Jeans, shirts, sweats, coats light and heavy, stocking caps and gloves, boots and shoes, underwear - even camouflage clothing for each of them, from a sporting goods store that catered to hunters. As I was leaving I hit a bookstore, grabbed copies all the home-schooling stuff that they had, as well as practical guides to plants, farming, and wilderness survival. Sure, Central Point was supposed to have idiot-proof, minimal-maintenance redundant power systems, but there'd probably been *no* maintenance for a while, and I've long since discovered that nothing is idiot proof - when it comes to breaking the unbreakable, idiots are fucking geniuses.I started to go home to the girls after that, and I got maybe two blocks before a pack of kids . . . well, ambushed me.Yeah. Four boys, eight girls, all high-school age (none I recognized, thank god!) popped out of buildings beside me and started shooting at the SUV with civilian rifles and handguns. They were shitty shots, and I punched the gas, got past them with only one window shot out (passenger's side front, made me nervous) and a couple of hits to the body of the vehicle - then one got lucky, and shot out a tire.I got stopped without rolling, and got out of the SUV and behind a three-car pile up while they were catching up. I had time to put on my gas mask and get it sealed, and did so, before popping up and firing a couple of rounds with the pistol I carried - not aiming to hit, just to scare."What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled. "I wasn't hurting anything!""This is our part of town!" one of the boys called back. "You took stuff from *our mall,* mother fucker! Dump it out, right now, or we're killing you!""Are you fucking nuts?" I yelled. "Kid, I took no food, nothing edible or drinkable - lighten the fuck up! Now, if you'll calm down, I might be able to help -"A series of shots from at least five different guns cut me off."Dump it, shithead!" the boy screamed. "It's *ours!* And we don't need your help, we're fine!""Okay, let me put it another way," I shouted. "I'm going to give you one more chance to back down, then I'm going to show you why I'm a soldier, and you're a punk with no clue what he's doing!"More gunfire and some jeering was the only response.I checked the wind, found it favorable - but I was pissed, and wasn't going to just gas them, I wanted to scare them silly. No way a bunch of kids would know the difference between a flash- bang stun grenade, designed to scare and disorient, and a real fragmentation grenade.Three of the boys and one girl - the oldest of them, by the look of her - had taken refuge in a doorway that I had a good angle on. I pulled the pin on a flash-bang, let the spoon go, counted off two seconds, then popped up and flung it at the doorway. It fell short - but that was fine, in the end, as they had time to see it and *scream* in panic before it went off.While panic ensued, all twelve of them thinking I'd just killed four of them, I used all four tear gas grenades that I carried, tossing two past them, so that they'd have to run into more of the shit after I put the last two between me and them. With a nice breeze blowing right towards them, they were sadly fucked, and all twelve fled, screaming and crying - but alive and relatively unhurt.I shook for a few seconds - guns going off near me make that happen - then, keeping my gas mask on, I changed the tire on the SUV as quickly as I could, and went back to the Gibson house and the girls. I honked as I pulled up close to the garage, and Sara, naked and beautiful, came out to see what I wanted."Whoa, stop there, sweetie," I called as she came in sight. "I am *not hurt,* Sara, but I had some trouble, and I had to use tear gas grenades. Some of it's bound to be on my clothes and skin, and you do not want to hug or touch me yet.""What do I do?" she asked.I had her hose me down, clothes and all, with a garden hose set on high pressure (not at all, uncomfortable, as it was a hot day), then I stripped down and had her hose me down more - which was a relief, as tear gas itches, and I'd gotten some on my bare arms and hands, as well as my neck."Okay, that's good," I said, picking up my drenched clothes and wringing them out. "Thanks, Sara.""It's okay," she said. "What happened?"I told her, and she got pale - maybe I should have toned it down, but I thought that telling her the truth would make her appropriately cautious, later.She led me inside (where Jenny and Katie, were, wonder of wonders, playing a video game, not making love), waited while I put my clothes in the washer, then said, "Do you want a shower?""Good idea," I said. "I think I do.""I'll join you," she said, grinning just a little. "If you don't mind?""Do I look stupid?" I asked. "Of course I don't mind!"In the shower, Sara first helped me get totally clean, scrubbing the places I couldn't reach easily, then stroked my cock and dropped to her knees."Watching you fuck Katie's mouth an' holding her head made me *really* hot last night," she said. "Will you do that to me? Please, Jordan? And *really* hard?"I took her face in my hands, said, "Push the legs if I go too hard, sweetie," and kissed her."And grab your butt if you don't go fast enough," she added. "I remember. But I'm not kiddin' - I want it hard!""Good," I said, sliding my hands into her hair. "I like fucking your mouth, Sara - and I like doing it hard."I slipped my cock in her mouth, felt the suction go straight to the strongest she could perform, felt her tongue begin sliding quickly along the bottom of my cock - and started pumping, going straight up to the hardest I'd gone on her mouth the night before, Lolita Kds or as close as I could remember to that hard.She whimpered sexily, and grabbed my ass *hard* - she hadn't been kidding about wanting this to be hard, then. Good. Neither had I. Getting shot at apparently brings out the dominator in me.I amped it up, still being careful not to gag her, but thrusting a good bit harder than I had the night before, feeling her wet little tongue go absolutely mad on my cock, her mouth fill with saliva and pre-come, feeling her swallow - and then feeling her hand on my ass again, pulling me towards her urgently. I started pumping faster and harder, until her hands dropped, and I felt her swallowing become almost convulsive. She kept it up for a minute, then placed a hand on the front of my thigh and held it there. I stopped, since she left her hand there, and she pulled her mouth off of my cock, trailing pre-come and saliva between my dick and her mouth, and looked up at me with solemn eyes."It's nice - really nice," Sara said. "But . . . not enough. Can you . . . go harder? Please?""I can try," I panted. "But damn, honey, I don't know how much harder I can go.""Then Lolita Kds . . . will you hold me different?" Sara asked, blushing to her breasts. "There's a thing a guy did in one of Daddy's movies . . . he didn't hold her face, he - um, he grabbed her hair at the back of her head, tangled his hand in it sort of an' . . . could you? Please?""That's going to hurt, Sara," I said, and left it there."I know," she mumbled, looking down. "My lips hurt already, but - Jordan, I swear it makes it *better,* not worse! I think . . . make it hurt? Not lots, or anything, but - hurt?""Sweetie, are you really, really sure?""I almost came from that hard bit at the end there," Sara said. "My pussy's *dripping,* and we aren't even in the water spray, and I'm not touching myself any sexy way. I want it to hurt. Please?""Sara, you know how sometimes, in those movies, men call girls names, and they don't mean them badly?" I said. "They make them sound like nicknames, like when I call you sweetie or honey?""Uh-huh," she said. "I know.""You're a sweet little slut," I said, stroking her cheek and packing all the affection I could into my voice. "You're a wonderful slut, Sara - and I'll fuck your mouth and make it hurt if that's what you want.""Yes," Sara said, almost whimpered. "You can call me slut, I like that - and make it hurt!""Here it comes, you sweet little slut," I said, and knotted my hand in the hair at the back of her head, above where she wore her ponytail (which she'd undone for the shower). "Good Lolita Kds girl. Good slut!"Then I pretty much fucked her mouth as hard as I could, my hand tangled in her hair, pulling her hair some - not a lot, but some - on purpose while I fucked her mouth harder than I had ever fucked a woman in either of the holes I'll use.Sara whined, whimpered - and came. And Lolita Kds came. And *came!* I felt each one of her orgasms as her body rippled, her suction increased and her tongue accelerated. I was close to coming myself - and loving every second of this, not wanting to stop.Sara came again, and I dumped my come in her mouth Lolita Kds while she did, holding her head down on my cock. She gulped and swallowed and made little sexy whimpering sounds, and made no effort to pull her mouth off my cock after I was done."You want more, slut?" I asked in a tender voice that belied the harsh words. "You want your mouth fucked more?"Sara's eyes widened, and she nodded almost frantically."You liked it hurting," I said. "You liked being pinned down last night - I have an idea. Back up against the shower wall, little slut, the one with the railing on it, with your head against the wall."Sara did as I said, drawing her mouth off of my dick with an almost exquisite slowness, then moving back against the back wall of the shower. She knelt there, sat back on her heels, pressed her head back against the plastic wall of the shower stall, the top of her head below the railing by perhaps three inches."I love you, Jordan," Sara said. "This is the most totally iced thing I've ever done and I love you!""Good slut," I said. "I love you, too, Sara-slut."I moved to stand before her, my feet on either side of her legs, my hands on the railing to give me an anchor. Before I stepped close enough for Sara to get my dick in her mouth, I said, "Put your hands behind your back, sweetie. Pins you even better."Sara rocked forward a little (licking the head of my dick as her mouth got close enough), linked her hands together at the small of her back, and settled back down shifting a little to get her head back against the wall again."I love you," she whispered. "Fuck my mouth, please, Jordan, as hard as you can!"I pressed my cock to her lips, and Sara opened her mouth to me, her eyes drifting closed as I thrust it in - and then I didn't just fuck her mouth, I . . . well, I'd have said I *raped* her mouth, if she wasn't so totally into it.I pumped as hard and as fast as I could, and Sara sucked as hard as she could, moved her tongue back and forth and up and down on the bottom of my cock as Lolita Kds fast as she could, and came so often it was almost scary. She let herself go totally this time, and she'd scream a little when she came, my cock still in her mouth, the vibrations making me crazy, making me shoot back towards orgasm faster than I thought I could go. Still, I lasted over five minutes before I dumped my load in that frantically eager little mouth - and Sara came so hard and so often that it was almost like one continuous orgasm.At the end of things, she almost passed out, her orgasm hit her so hard. Not quite - but almost. She went very limp while she swallowed my come, then kept sucking softly as I stood there with my dick in her mouth as far as it would go without gagging her. Finally, I could move enough to pull out, and I did, stepping back. Sara increased her suction as I stepped back, sucking my dick clean of all she could as I pulled out of her mouth.I dropped to the floor of the shower after directing the warm spray to hit her - she seemed very nearly unconscious, though she wore a big smile, so I wasn't worried. I sat next to her, and she leaned against me, looked up at me with adoring eyes, and said, "I was a good slut, wasn't I, Jordan?""You were a wonderful slut," I corrected. "Thank you, sweetie. That was fucking incredible.""Yeah," Sara said, and kissed me, letting me feel how her lips were slightly swollen from the violence of my oral assault. "I came so much I think I never really stopped."We got clean again - we'd both gotten sweaty in our zeal - and got out of the shower. Sara went off to play video games with her sisters, and I went to make supper.Over the next four days, between my times of working to get us out of Chicago, a sort of pattern emerged. The girls picked up their own unique sexual personalities, and soon I had three very distinctly different sex partners on my hands.Sara was my submissive slut. She loved being pinned in one position during sex, being fucked really hard, being, in essence, my little slave-slut. She loved being caused minor pain, and never tried to hide it from her sisters at all, just said, "This is what I want. Everybody's different, and this is how I am." The other girls accepted it.Jenny was my crazy slut - she wanted to fuck pretty much the whole time she was awake, and spent a lot of time thinking up new things to try with me and her sisters, new positions, new "sexy games," new approaches. She was never unwilling to eat pussy, suck dick or fuck. Ever. I would be cooking, sit down to wait on the next stage of the meal, and there would be Jenny, ready to be eaten, to suck my dick, to be fucked.And Katie was my cuddle-slut. Her favorite positions for anything involved being able to touch whoever she was with, hold them with her hands and arms, wrap her legs around them - cuddle. Since she'd learned that blowjobs shouldn't involve the hands, she liked having me hold her head and fuck her mouth, so that she felt cuddled. When we fucked, she liked it best facing me, on top or below me - but facing me to hold onto me.I was in heaven.The fourth day, the day before we were to leave, I finally brought home the vehicle we'd be using, blessing Uncle Sam all the way home. What I brought was a piece of equipment introduced to the Army in 2012, released to the National Guards in 2016, if they'd pay for it - and Illinois had bought four. One of them was here in Chicago, and I knew how to drive it, lucky me.The girls knew I was out getting our vehicle, and came out when they heard me drive up in the late morning. They stopped and stared at our vehicle as I pulled up, and as I got out, Sara said, "What the heck is that thing?""That, girls, is the MAV-108 Mobile Supply Depot and Officers Quarters - commonly called a 'Grand Hotel' by soldiers." I grinned and moved to stand with them. "And it'll be home while we're on the road."The front half of the vehicle looked like a slightly wider than usual RV, a little more streamlined than most of those rolling bricks are. The back half looked like a low-slung semi trailer, attached to the front by a ribbed passageway like you see on trains. You could access the refrigerated part of the trailer from the RV, and there were two sections there, one for refrigeration, one for freezing. There were three other compartments, one specifically designed to carry weapons and ammo, the other two pretty generic.Inside the RV part, the girls looked around in awe. I am only so-so with tools, but I'd made a few simple changes. I'd managed to get the wall separating the two bathrooms taken out, leaving a bathroom of decent size with two toilets, a pair of sinks, and (thanks to the removal of another wall) a shower with two heads that was big enough for all of us. The "living room" I'd left alone, as well as the kitchen, but in the bigger bedroom, I'd taken out all four bunks, and then managed to get a king-sized bed in and bolted down, and in the smaller bedroom I'd installed a double bed to replace the two single bunks."Wow, this is nice!" Sara said. "What's the thing on the roof of the trailer part?""Hybrid generator," I said. "It'll run off of wind power when it's available, solar power if it's available, diesel when neither is available - and it's quiet as hell. This should get us to Central Point in style and comfort - and safety, since it's heavily armored.""Cool," Jenny said. "That's a big TV, and it's got a DVD player built in - but can you hook up our Super-Station to it?"(The Super-Station was their video game platform, and I'd anticipated the question.)"I can," I said. "And I will. No problem.""How soon can we leave, you think?" Sara asked. "Today, maybe? It shouldn't take long to pack stuff.""You're right about packing," I said. "Shouldn't take long at all, with the dollies I brought for hauling stuff, and since you guys have your clothes already packed. But we won't leave until morning, girls - because before we go, I'm going to teach you all to be safe around guns and other weapons, and a little about shooting. You need to know at least the safety part, and the rest . . . might not hurt."They agreed, a bit timidly, and we packed up the Grand Hotel over the next three hours. (The longest and most difficult part was that MONSTER bed we'd been sharing - I loved that bed, and wasn't sure where I'd find another, so it went with us!) After a break for lunch (and for some sex, oh, woe is me!), I took the girls several houses down from theirs, in case we were heard and tracked by the sound (and this was the rich part of town, remember - several houses amounted to about two miles), and taught them how to be safe around guns. They listened well, obeyed the rules I taught them, and, when it came time to shoot, didn't do half-bad. I let Sara and Jenny work with an M-16, and both did okay, then produced a .22 caliber M-16 knock-off that had become popular in the last four or five years, an AR-25, for Katie. She was surprisingly good, and able to handle the minimal kick of the gun. For pistols, I had a 22 caliber for each of them. They weren't so hot with those, but if someone grabbed them, they could shove the gun in a belly and empty it - very effective.I intended to protect them from ever needing to do that - but I'm only human. I could get hurt or killed, and I wanted them to be able to defend themselves.That night, after supper, we fucked a lot - the girls each wanted to be fucked at least once in their own beds before we left, and I obliged them happily.In the morning, we ate a quiet breakfast - the girls had finally realized that they were leaving their home today, and were a mixture of saddened and frightened, I think - but they were quiet and solemn.They stood together looking at the house - shut down and sealed up as best I could make it, to give them some peace of mind - for a long couple of minutes before we left - then turned (almost as one person) and got into the Grand Hotel."Bye, Daddy," I heard Jenny whisper as I closed the door after them. "Bye, Mom."I could think of no way to make this easier for them, so I simply went around and climbed in the driver's seat, started up, and got out of there at speed, to make it a quick, clean break at least.Getting out of Chicago turned out to take more than I'd thought. The Grand Hotel was a big, powerful brute, and had a sort of "cowcatcher" on the front for shoving aside cars - and that turned out to be a good thing before we even got off of Lake Shore Drive. I had to push aside several cars as we went, at places where panic and attempted evacuation had left traffic jams. After we got on the highway, I was able to get the vehicle up to a steady 30 mph and not worry about surprises or sudden obstacles. Not long after, I went up to 35 and left it there. The girls were sitting in a comfort-huddle in the back, not talking or making out, just . . . snuggling.After a while, Sara got up and came up to take the front passenger's seat, and Katie and Jenny began playing a video game - and I relaxed a lot.We'd left early, and by taking short meal-and-sex breaks (by lunch time, the girls were back to their usual selves, and lunch consisted of MREs and orgasms - you know, sex can make even MREs taste good, or at least not bad), we arrived on the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa at a little after eight. We parked in the lot of a big Super-mart department and grocery store, and I ran up the windmill on top of the trailer part of the Grand Hotel - and in seconds, the diesel generator went silent, as opposed to just quiet, and we still had power. Sometimes the National Guard weekends had been a pain - but I was really glad I'd joined, right now.I'd parked near the edge of the lot, because the girls wanted to have a cookout, and I went into the store (which stank of spoiled food something fierce) long enough to grab a charcoal grill and some charcoal and starter fluid, then lit up the grill and got out some hamburger I'd Lolita Kds had thawing in the fridge all day, and made supper, consisting of hamburgers, potato chips and applesauce. I was about ready to pull the burgers off and plate them when Sara said, very softly, "Jordan, we have company - they probably can't hurt us, and I don't think they want to, so don't do anything scary, okay?"I turned slowly to see three girls standing maybe thirty feet off, staring at the four of us with wide, unbelieving eyes. Two of them looked to be about Katie's age, maybe a little older, definitely a little taller, and were redheads and twins. Their hair hung below their shoulders and needed washed, but even dirty, you could see how vivid a shade of red it was, and they had that peculiarly translucent skin that only redheads ever seem to have, the kind that goes three shades past white, and is just beautiful. Their eyes were green, and they immediately put me in mind of what the actress Nicole Kidman must have looked like when she was that age - just beautiful.The last girl was about five, maybe six, and had pale blond hair that just brushed her shoulders, big brown eyes, and fine, delicate features that somehow missed being beautiful and went straight to cute. Her skin had tanned a little, not a lot, and the contrast between hair and skin was quite striking."Uh, are you . . . real?" said one of the redheads. "I mean - we haven't seen anybody but a couple crazy women and one guy younger than him and he was walking around shouting at people that weren't there, and . . . are you really real?""We're real," Sara said, taking over. "And we aren't crazy, not any of us."Are you guys hungry? We got plenty of food.""Are . . . are you sure?" the other redhead asked. "I mean, we got food, but . . . nothin' but canned stuff.""Jordan, there's plenty, right?" Sara said."Absolutely," I said. "You're welcome to join us, girls - or we can give you some and you can take it wherever, if you don't want to stay.""Can't we stay, Melody?" the little blond asked. "They seem nice. And I'm tired of stupid spaghetti out of a can.""Okay," the first speaker said. "Um, we'd like to stay. Thank you."I'm Melody Blake, and this is my sister Harmony, and our neighbor Kelly Grant."Sara handled introductions, and I waved when introduced, then went into the Grand Hotel and got the rest of the hamburger and some more buns. I very carefully talked as little as possible, letting Sara and her sisters carry the conversation until the other girls relaxed enough to actually ask me things themselves. In the meantime, we Lolita Kds found out that Melody and Harmony were due to turn nine in December, and Kelly had turned five in April, and that they'd been neighbors all their lives.It took a while for the new girls to relax enough to speak to me, but after everyone had eaten - and all three of the new girls had put away the food like there was no tomorrow - Melody Blake looked at the BDUs I still wore and asked "Are you in the army, Jordan?""I was in the National Guard," I said. "I'm not anymore, I guess - I don't think there's any sort of army or guard left, not anymore. The clothes are tough and comfortable, though, so I wear them.""That's smart," Melody said. "We've been gettin' new clothes from the store cause there's no power to do wash. But going in there is like a gag trip, now.""I know," I said. "I went in to get the grill and . . . yuck."I'll tell you what, though - I can go in again, get you some clothes, and, if you want, the three of you can have showers. I ran a hose from the building already, and there's still pressure. By now, there's hot water - not a lot, but enough that, if you all shower at once, you should be able to get clean, and have clean stuff when you get out.""Really?" Harmony said. "Oh, man, a shower, that'd be so totally wave . . . can we, Melody?""Okay," Melody said. "If we're gonna have to hurry, could you get us the clothes first, Jordan?""Sure," I said. "Are sweatpants and t-shirts okay?""Sure, that's okay." Melody said. "I wish we'd thought about it sooner, we coulda grabbed all the clothes out of there before the smell got bad.""Not a bad idea," I said. "Thanks. I'll roll a couple of racks out, fill them with stuff in you girls' sizes, and let them air out overnight, so you can have it later."(Of *course* I was going to ask them to come with us - but I was trying not to push that too soon. Mentioning leaving stuff for them later seemed a good way to do that.)I went in and got my gas mask - it works against odors, too, and I wasn't going in there a second time without it - then went in and grabbed bunch of clothes for older girls off of the rolling rack they were on and tossed them off, then loaded the rack with clothes in the right sizes. As and afterthought, I grabbed packages of underwear in what I hoped were the right sizes, as well as socks - their shoes had all looked in decent condition, I didn't worry about those. I grabbed a couple of cans of fabric-deodorizing spray, and went outside, wheeling the rack in front of me. Once well away from the building, I used a full can of the spray on all of the clothes, then went the rest of the way to the vehicle, where I told the girls to pick out what they wanted to wear, and then sprayed it down heavily, getting rid of the last of the spoiled food scent. I'd brought a wide variety, not just sweats and t-shirts, and the girls all three chose t-shirts and shorts to wear."Okay, ladies," I said. "Sara will show you where things are at. I think you might get fifteen minutes of lukewarm water if you are careful, so don't dawdle too much."They thanked me effusively, then followed Sara into the Grand Hotel. Sara came out a minute or two later, and said, "They're in the shower. So, who else wants to eat all three of them?""Eat them, have them eat me, teach them to suck Jordan, fuck him - god, yes, they're all *hot!*" Jenny said."I wanna see Melody and Harmony eat each other," Katie said. "That'd be so totally iced I'd go nuts.""Hell, yes," I said. "I'd love to see those two doing a sixty-nine - while Kelly sucked me off.""Are we gonna ask them to come with us?" Sara asked."I'd like to have them ask us," I said. "But if they don't we'll ask them, yes.""Cool," Sara said. "Let me handle it as long as you can, Jordan? And . . . trust me?""Done deal - on both," I said. "Is there anything I should do or not do, though?""Don't freak when we kiss you like your girlfriends," Sara said. "Or when we kiss each other.""Ooooooh-kay," I said. "Gonna take the sink or swim approach, huh?""I guess," she said. "I figure if they can't at least let us do what we want, it could be a problem - so we make sure they see us doing it."The girls helped me clean up, and we waited outside until Melody, Harmony and Kelly came back out a little over twenty minutes later. It was full dark by then, after nine, and Sara said, "You guys want to have Jordan walk you home? Or you could just stay the night, we've got room.""We'll stay, and thank you," Melody said, sitting down on a lawn chair I'd brought out on my first trip, letting her sister sit between her legs, and beginning to brush the other girl's hair with a brush that I guessed Sara had loaned them. "Are you sure there's room?""Plenty of room," Sara said. "The four of us sleep together.""In one room?" Kelly asked."In one bed," Sara said. "Jordan's our boyfriend, and we're all girlfriends.""Um, you mean like . . . for real?" Harmony said."Uh-huh," Sara said. She pulled Jenny down to sit on her knee, kissed her sister very sexually, cuddled her close.Katie climbed in my lap and did the same to me.All three of our visitors risked tennis-neck, looking back and forth between us as quickly as they did."But . . . you're all sisters," Melody said."So?" Jenny said. "That just means we love each other already. And after we found out how to do stuff together from watching a bunch of Daddy's porn movies, we tried it and we love it. So we love each other and we like sex, so we do sex with each other.""And we know Jordan's way older than us, but he's totally sweet, and never asks us to do anything we don't want to do," Sara said.(I couldn't comment, Katie was sucking on my tongue, and showed no sign of wanting to stop. At all. Ever.)"Wow," Kelly said. "That sounds neat.""We think so." Sara smiled, tongued Jenny's mouth for a moment again, then said, "Anyway, plenty of room for you guys. Stay the night, we'll feel better knowin' you're safe.""Okay, sure," Melody said. "And really, thanks a lot. It gets all hot and nasty at home.""We'll leave the air on overnight," Sara said. "We're spoiled about power, our Daddy was rich and made sure we had a generator and gas for it, so we've had power all along."Katie had stopped sucking on my tongue, so I put in my two cents worth, then, carefully watching Sara for signs to hush, which she didn't give - apparently, I'd decided to say the right thing."And where we're going should still have power, probably as long as we're alive," I said. "It's a town in Idaho that got built as an experiment to see if there really could be a place that never lost power - and it never has in the eight years it's been there.""Wow, that has to be cool," Melody said. "Power forever. I wish we were in Idaho.""Yeah, it's gonna be great," Sara said. "We're hoping to find Jordan's sister there, she lived in Colorado, and he told her to go there.""Actually, she was visiting an aunt there," I said. "For the summer, and my parents were talking about her staying there to go to school - I never did find out why, we were too rushed and things were too crazy. I think she was in trouble with our parents, but I don't know why.""Well, we should all probably go inside," Sara said, a slight hitch in her voice, caused by Jenny having lifted Sara's t-shirt and started sucking on a nipple. "It's pretty late and the bugs are getting bad.""Um, okay," Melody said, staring at Sara's exposed breast, and Jenny's tongue working her nipple with obvious fascination.We all trooped inside, and Sara showed the girls the second room, said, "You'll have to share a bed, but that's not so bad with air conditioning. You can go to bed whenever you want, or stay up. We're gonna stay up a while, probably, but if you want us to . . . um, not do stuff in front of you, we can go to our room.""So . . . you're gonna do stuff?" Harmony asked. "Sex stuff?""Probably," Sara said. Jenny, standing right next to Sara, sucked hard on her nipple for a moment, pressed her hand between Sara's legs, and Sara gasped. "Definitely, yeah. We should probably just go to our room right away, I guess.""You don't have to," Melody said quickly. "We . . . um, you said before you could go to your room if we wanted to not see. So if we do want to see?""Well, then we can stay out here and do stuff." Sara smiled. "You can watch. And get a
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